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“HotSpot” is a feature documentary that is currently in production. The documentary follows scientists throughout the mountains of southern Appalachia as they research one of the most biologically diverse regions in the temperate world. These scientists are on the forefront of research, studying species not seen anywhere else in the world from salamanders to trees to fungi and everything in-between. As they come across endemic species and uncover the rich diversity in the region, they are confronted with the complexities of conservation.

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"Unbounded" is an adventure-travel film following an unaided crew of four young travelers who encounter dense forests, snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes and barren deserts, as they spend four months following the route of the 'Greater Patagonian Trail', the longest continual trail network in South America. As they immerse themselves in the history and culture of this extraordinary region, they discover the beauty, volatility and fragility of the Patagonian landscapes.

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Awards: Official Selection Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Official Selection The Adventure Travel Film Festival, Official Selection Morocco Adventure Film Festival, Official Selection NatureTrack Film Festival


"Beyond Travel" is Garrett's first documentary, following a 21-year old girl, Miranda Raschid, hitchhiking all the way across Canada from coast to coast. The adventure starts in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and then concludes over 6,500 kilometers later in Vancouver, British Columbia. The journey follows Miranda as she learns lessons along the way and focuses on the unique and interesting stories from people across the country.

From the remote island of Newfoundland to the vibrant cities of Montreal and Quebec City to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, this trip takes you on an adventure across Canada from a perspective never seen before.

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Awards: Winner Feature-Documentary Cinema World Fest Awards, Official Selection Richmond International Film Festival, Official Selection Creation International Film Festival, Artist Circle The Northern Virginia International Film Festival





“Against The Tides” is a short film produced by The Nature Conservancy and filmed and edited by Garrett Martin. The film documents the very personal stories of shellfish business owners from the East, West and Gulf coasts, their experience with climate change, and their motivation to take action. The film is a product of the Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition, a project led by the Nature Conservancy in concert with 120+ business owners from 20 states.

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“El Agua, Nuestra Voz” (“The Water, Our Voice”) is Garrett’s first short film, a follow-up to his feature documentary, “Unbounded”. This film tells the story of the environmental movement in Chile and how citizens are joining together to protect the rivers and waterways of the country. The documentary features interviews from the top environmentalists in Chile as they discuss water privatization and how it affects the ecosystems of Patagonia and beyond.

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The Sustainability Story

“The Sustainability Story” is a media project highlighting individuals who are working to combat the climate crisis and lead the U.S. towards a more sustainable future.

These videos feature inspiring stories from environmentalists, scientists, filmmakers, farmers, ordinary citizens and everything in-between. Despite the political and economical climate, these people are stepping up to help the country transition towards sustainability. This project aims to celebrate stories, solutions and community to help inspire people to get more involved with climate change.


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