Garrett Martin is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, cinematographer and avid traveler. He is the owner of the video production company, VentureLife Films, that focuses on creating documentaries that encourage the exploration of the globe and help promote a more healthy and connected world.

Garrett found his passion for travel and filmmaking on a road trip across the U.S. after visiting nearly all of the popular National Parks. After his trip, he caught wind of the "travel bug" and has not stopped traveling since. His love of the outdoors constantly takes him to unique places around the world, as he looks to inspire people to have a greater connection to nature and raise awareness to urgent environmental issues. 

Focused on non-fiction storytelling, Garrett loves telling compelling and engaging stories. Whether it's documentary, commercial or promo - as long as it's non-fiction, he is interested.

Garrett is currently based in Asheville, NC while working on environmental media and helping sustainable businesses grow. If you have a story that you want told, feel free to reach out through the contact page to get in touch.